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So how many of you out there have someone in your house who needs a special diet or how many of you like to try and eat as healthily as possible?  which I guess is actually most of us these days . But it can be hard finding some of the weird and wonderful ingredients these awesome recipes call for and especially when you’re new to Brisbane, knowing where to find some of these foods.

So thought we could help a little with that

The supermarkets Coles and Woolies are most definitely getting on board and now stock quite a large range of organic and health food items.

Woolies has their macro range which is actually really good and now includes things such as spelt flour, rice malt syrup and coconut oil to name a few, which for those of you trying to reduce sugar and wheat is awesome . They also have quite a large range of gluten and dairy free products which is great as well, and they are now doing a spelt spaghetti and spiral pasta ( so much nicer than the gluten-free ones )

For those of you who don’t use spelt flour, it’s an ancient grain and so hasn’t been processed and doesn’t upset tummies in the way that wheat can and you can use it in baking, the same as normal flour and tastes the same 🙂

But there are many times you wont find all that you want in these stores. So fear not 🙂 there are some awesome health food shops here in Brisbane.

Wray Organics is a chain that you will find around Brisbane and a little handy hint is that the branch in Ipswich is actually a bit cheaper than some of its Brisbane relatives 😉 they have about 6 locations doted around so jump on their website to find the one closest to you . Now this is also the place to find tins of black beans, which if like me moving from the USA had become a staple part of our diets and to suddenly discover they weren’t in the supermarkets was a big shock !!! ( ok so not life threatening but you know 🙂 )

There is also Fundies, who you can actually shop online with which we just lurveeeeee 🙂 and again they have a couple of  branches here in Brisbane, Paddington and  Corinda, for any of you in NSW they do have a couple of stores in NSW one in Byron and one in Lismore

Then we have Flannerys which has 3 shops here in Brisbane in Wynnum, Woolloongabba and Taringa now you can’t shop online with these guys but they do offer a loyalty card and then on the 1st Sat of the month its called discount SupaSaver Saturday, they have loads of discounts and special offers for card holders, which we love as we always love looking out for a bargain for all you JOY peeps.  For those of you who live outside of Brisbane they do have a couple of store on the gold coast and 1 in Maroochydore so check them out

There are a couple of smaller independent stores which we love as we love to support local business, we have one nearby in Kenmore  called Healthtopia,  their range is understandably smaller  but if possible its great to support them, and they also make a great cup of coffee 🙂 and you know us JOY girls love our cups of coffee xx


Now we do also have the option of home delivery and a great company that do this are farm fresh organics this is a great option for you busy bees out there and can be cost-effective as well , as if you are anything like me a quick trip to get some milk can turn out to be a full trolley load 😉 oops !  These guys have a big range of products which is great . The 1st shop online can be quite time-consuming but it does get quicker each time . And the joy of this way of shopping is you get to sit with a cup of tea and a cake as you shop and that to us is always a winner .

Happy shopping lovelies


The Joy Girls xx


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