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After chatting with some of our beautiful expectant mothers at our last coffee morning it occurred to me that arriving in a new city/country pregnant could make it very tricky trying to navigate your way around, maternity hospitals, obstetrician, pediatricians, Midwives and of course Public or Private.

So I am writing this blog today in hope that I may be able to shine some light on the subject for all of the pregnant ladies out there that come to Joy, are thinking of coming to Joy, are in the process of moving here or are a local that may not know where to go.

Now we are very fortunate here is Brisbane to have several Maternity Hospitals here, The Mater Mothers which offers public and Private care, The Wesley Hospital which is Private Only, The Royal Brisbane which is predominantly public . The Mater and Royal Brisbane have state of the art Neo Natal intensive care units so if there are issues with your precious bundle they are in very safe hands.

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Now the first decision you have to make is Public or Private:

When you decide which one there are two options for both.

Public –
Option 1: Shared Care
Option 2: Midwifery Models of care

Option 1: Private obstetrics Care
OPtion 2: Private Midwifery Care

While you always have a choice in your care, there may be things to do with your situation and
pregnancy that may impact on your decision. Not all models of care are available in all areas. Some
models of care do not cater for women who have certain complications in their pregnancy.

Option 1 – Shared Care
In shared care, your care during pregnancy is shared between your GP and the hospital midwives and
doctors. Labour, birth and after birth care is usually provided by the hospital midwives and nurses. If you
need extra medical support, the hospital doctors may become involved in your care.

To access shared care you will need to find a GP who does maternity shared care and get a referral to the nearest public hospital. Not all GPs offer maternity shared care, so you will need to check.

Option 2: Midwifery Models of care
Midwifery models of care refer to models of care where a midwife is the main person providing your care.
Usually in these models, the same midwife or group of midwives provides your care. Midwifery models of
care can have different names which are described below.

Midwifery models of care are available in some public hospitals. To access a hospital based midwifery model of care you will usually need to be referred to the hospital by your GP. You might like to phone your local hospital to see if a hospital midwifery model is available.

Contact details for maternity hospitals
in Queensland can be found at www.havingababy.org.au.

Option 1: Private obstetrics Care
Women can choose to be cared for by a private obstetrician and birth in a hospital at which the
obstetrician practices. This is usually a private hospital but may be a public hospital. This model of care may not be available in all parts of Queensland as it relies on having a private obstetrician available. In this model, your doctor will be employed by you and not by a hospital. You can choose who this doctor will be.

If you choose to be cared for by a private obstetrician you will need a referral to an obstetrician from your GP. You might like to ask your friends, family or your GP about the obstetrician in your local area. Your
maternity care will start from the time when you get your first appointment with your obstetrician, which is usually between 9 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Option 2: Private Midwifery Care
a private midwifery model of care, you will be cared for by one midwife for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. If your midwife works in a group practice, you may meet the other midwives who may provide a back-up for your midwife. In this model, your midwife will be employed by you and not by a hospital. You can choose who this midwife will be. In a private midwifery model you can choose to give
birth at home or in hospital.

If you would like to have this model of care you might need to find out if there is a private midwife in your area. You can look on the internet or call the Australian Private Midwives Association or the Home Midwifery Association of Queensland. If there are any private midwives in your area you might like to meet a few and choose the midwife you feel most comfortable with. In a private midwife model of care
you can usually choose when you start seeing your midwife.

Now I hope this has given you something to go on. If you still have question’s please click on this link (Models of pregnancy care) which is an amazing site I found that has all this information in it and much more.

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Blessings the Joy Girls xx

Please note all information in this blog is courtesy of www.havingababy.org.au

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