Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary?

Hello Everyone,

There is a little gem in our part of the world, it is Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  If you are new to Australia and new to Brisbane this is a must see for your family.

When you 1st arrive in this beautiful country you immediately want to go and cuddle a cute koala and see these awesome kangaroos that you may have only ever seen in a picture book before ( Sarah here that was my family anyway 🙂 )

Lone Pine is a very beautiful wildlife sanctuary where you can spot a platypus , feed a kangaroo and hold a koala. You can buy a bag of kangaroo food and actually go into their enclosure and feed them, often times they will be fast asleep in the shade and may be happy for you to actually pet them. When they have had enough they hope off into a sectioned off area where no humans are allowed which we think is brilliant.

If you want to actually cuddle a koala you will need to pay extra but it does make a very cute memory!

There are various shows on offer throughout the day, including birds of prey, the sheepdog show and feeding the baby animals. As well as the wild water dragons which you will see running all over the place and who will happily still your food from you.

Which makes for a fabulous day out for the entire family, and if the kids really love it you can purchase a yearly pass.

Another awesome and unique thing they offer is the opportunity for kids and teenagers to become a keeper for the day which would make so many dreams come true for so many !

They also have a fantastic cafe which is outside the sanctuary and has no admission charge. This beautiful spot is right on the river and has a very relaxing outlook.  Great for a coffee and a chat during the week with a little playground for children.

IMG_3309 IMG_3308

On Friday nights this little cafe becomes a place to take your whole family for dinner.  Nearly every Friday night is a different theme, ranging from German sausage nights, fish and chips to Eighties theme night. This is a place to meet local families and find out what is at the heart of Fig Tree Pocket, it truly is the people that make a place special.

So take a moment and pop in to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and enjoy.

The joy girls xx


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