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We have asked the amazing Dr Claudia Cadona from Sherwood Chiropractic where the Joy Team regularly visit to give you the low down on correct posture as it is so important and remember if you are having problems then we recommend heading on over to Sherwood Chiropractic!!!!!

Thanks Claudia

Why is good posture so important? We all know the “right thing to do” is sit up straight and walk tall with our shoulders back, but don’t understand the real benefits of good posture. The fundamental reason for good posture is spinal health.

Our spines are shaped in an “S” curve to allow the weight on the spine to be equally and evenly dispersed throughout the vertebral bones and discs. When we slouch forward we change the weight distribution thru the spine and load up the discs unevenly. This leads to early wear and tear and degeneration of the spine. It also causes our front muscles to become stiff and tight and consequently, our back muscles to become weak. Over time it gets harder and harder to straighten up to the correct posture.

Many people find sitting at the computer all day affects their posture.

Some handy tips would be;
-Get up every 30-40 mins for a stretch or walk around.
-Adjust your chair to support your lumbar spine.
-Stretch your front muscles (such as your pecs)
-Keep your head in line with your body – don’t let your chin push forward as you look at the computer screen.
-Try to exercise 4-5x week with the correct posture.
-See a chiropractor, physio or massage therapist if the problem is longstanding and causing you pain.

Written by Dr Claudia Cadona (Sherwood Chiropractic).

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Thanks again Claudia


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