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As many of you will now know, I don’t mix too well with boats and the motion of the ocean 😉 as I tend to get very sea sick !! And yet here I am once again writing about being on a boat 🙂 The thing with living here in this beautiful Brisbane is that there are just so many amazing opportunities to be out on the water that I just can’t resist and I truly LOVE it ( and the ginger tablets !! )

So this time Gondolas rides right here in Brisbane !!

I know what your thinking, Sarah has got a wee bit confused haha ( and believe me that is easily done 🙂 ) but yes we have the opportunity to go on a Gondola ride right here in sunny QLD.

As I’ve mentioned before in my blog on, Horse trail riding in Tambourine mountain my favourite kind of pressies are when we get to do something. So once again my husband hit the jacket pot with my Christmas pressie.

So this time it was a Gondola ride with Golden Gondola right here in Newstead in Brisbane, and this time it was just the 2 of us

IMG_4230 IMG_4229

He had booked a 2 hour evening cruise up the Brisbane river as the sunset on an absolutely stunning summer evening. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as we set off towards Story Bridge in the CBD, the water so gently lapping at the sides of our gondola as we sat in the privacy of the cabin, which did have windows all around incase of bad weather, but we didn’t need any of these down. The evening was perfect as our driver took us along the river, as the sunset and as our heart rates slowed, and we relaxed !!!! and wow let me tell you it truly is one of the most relaxing evenings we have spent in a long time. As the gondola very gently takes you along the river with no sounds apart from the lap of the water.

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As we got closer to the CBD the sun was setting as we gazed out over the water and believe me there aren’t many more beautiful ways to experience this than on the water, seeing the river and buildings back lit with the stunning oranges, yellows and red of the sun saying goodnight.


The lights were all on in the city as we arrived at the Story Bridge and turned around to head back, and as I’ve said before Brisbane by the night city lights is a sight not to be missed!!

IMG_4251 IMG_4244

I have to admit as we gently cruised back to Newstead enjoying the light shows produced by all the river front homes and boats moored along the river, sipping some delicious bubbles I couldn’t have been more relaxed.

IMG_4257 IMG_4252

And that brings us to the catering options on the boat, as part of your package they do provide a choice of food options for the evening. The food is not the main attraction of the evening so please don’t expect a 5 star dinner. But we had a very good cold platter of meats, breads, olives , fruits etc which was great.

It is BYO which is great as we took our own bottle of bubbly and some bottles of water which was just perfect and they do provide glasses ( and they even have special little wine glass holders in the tables )



There are actually a couple of other places around Brisbane now doing Gondola rides

we have Gold coast Gondolas on the Gold coast close to Seaworld

Then there is Bribie Island Gondolas

With all these companies you can chose what time of day you have your cruise and each package has different price points. For all 3 companies you can take more than just the 2 of you. They all offer different dining options ( we’ll just have to go and try the other 2 so I can tell you what their food is like 😉 ).

So for anyone looking to get organised for a Valentines gifts then this could be just for you 🙂

But hey, I reckon there is no reason needed, as we live in a stunning place! and this is one way to spend some time enjoying the water.


The Joy Girls xx



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