The Old Fernvale Bakery

Hey lovelies

Who amongst you love an amazing bakery and especially one that does amazing pies ! Well The Old Fernvale bakery is all those things and more !

We were introduced to this piece of Queensland history through Matt, Jo’s awesome husband. As you will have picked up we all love to spend the day up on one of the amazing dams we have around us, just messing about in boats and in the water.

Well the 1st time Jo and Chrissy took us up this way Matt told us we would be stopping along the way to pick up some bread rolls at the best bakery around , and yes it is in the middle of nowhere, its in Fernvale a beautiful small country town known best for this absolutely yummy bakery. We thought he was crazy as why not just pick some up from Coles or Woolies before we left, that was until we tasted these rolls and then we tried the pies !!!! oh my the pies 🙂

IMG_3879 IMG_3876

These guys have won more pie awards than any other place in the whole of Queensland so you just know they are good. Their selection is greater than any I have ever ever seen !!! and they have thought of pie fillings I would never have even dreamt of ! Our 10year old has never liked pies,  we could never even tempt him to eat a little bit of one, until he tried one of these pies ! and now we have to stop every single time, both on the way up at 7am and on the way back and he ( ok and maybe us too 😉 ) has to have one for brekkie and then one for afternoon tea.

So even though this may be a little off the beaten track if you want an fabulous day out then head off to one of our amazing dams and make sure you stop off at The Old Fernvale Bakery and grab all your picnic supplies as well as one of their amazing pies.

Happy days lovelies


The Joy Girls xxx


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