Eat Street Markets

Hello all you Joy people.

Do you ever sit back on a Thursday night as the week comes to a close, wondering what can we do this weekend, as so many of us do, and we usually also always think ” what can we eat ”

Well why not head to the eat street markets.

These guys are open every Friday 4-10pm , Saturday 4-10pm,  Sunday 10-7am ( Sunday is only during the winter season so check out their website for details )


The markets, situated at 221D Macarthur Ave, are not only just for foodies but for families looking for a great night out with fantastic food and entertainment from live music this is the place to come to

There are over 150 different stalls, some in shipping containers transformed into a mini kitchens that will cater to your every need. Whether you want organic, gluten free, spicy, mild or something sweet you can find it here.  The atmosphere here is fantastic and really family friendly with live music, a big movie screen and lots of people watching. The smells and noises that greet you when you arrive are so intoxicating you can’t help but be drawn in to try so many of the tastes and delicacies on offer.

Get there early if you can, as it gets quite busy around 7pm.  There is plenty of free parking.

IMG_3662 IMG_3654 IMG_3651

We went as a family on a Saturday pm and it was about 6.30pm when we arrived and yes parking did take a while but we did get a spot .

It costs $3 per person and then you are in and the smells are amazing ! talk about sensory overload of sounds, smells, noise and general fun.

Now this market makes me feel like it should be Christmas back in England as its dark and a bit chilly at this time of year so we had jumpers and coats on and there are christmas lights aplenty and music and smells and people and laughter and families of all ages eating and drinking and enjoying themselves it made me quite nostalgic .

But I quickly snapped out of my dream cloud when the reality of the yummy food was there for the taking , oh yes now where to start ?? there is food from all over the world here , Peruvian, Italian , Spanish , Greek, French, Germany , Hungarian and on and on the list goes .

We had little bits of lots of things as we couldn’t decide and it was all so good . So we had 4 savoury dishes and then some extras as it would rude not to really 🙂

And for dessert ,well, what can I say ! just look at these chocolate fountains, and no we couldn’t resist I mean could you have ??

IMG_3648 IMG_3669


Our kids both absolutely loved the evening and trying all the food and the atmosphere !

So if you find yourselves hungry at the weekend you know where to go 🙂

Happy eating


The Joy Girls xx



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