Drivers Licence in Queensland

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This one is how to get yourselves a drivers licence here in Queensland

Most of us will arrive here in beautiful Queensland and will need to transfer an overseas or interstate licence so we can drive here on the roads.

If you are wondering how to go about actually getting a licence for a brand new driver then check out our blog on learning how to drive here.

OK back to those of us wanting to transfer a licence.

Depending on where you have arrived from the rules will be different, but your 1st port of call is the Queensland Government to check out where your local centre is as this is where you will need to go to get your licence

If you are here on a permanent visa or transferring from another state, you have 3 months until you have to change your licence for an Australian one.

To actually get your licence you need to visit your local office. You can’t make an appointment at these places you just have to show up and wait your turn unfortunately, so take a book 🙂

.There you will need to fill in form F3000 which you can either download or pick up once you arrive

. Make sure you take with you proof of identity, check here for what they will accept and no you can’t just “wing it” with these. So make sure you take the correct documents and your old licence.

. If you need to prove you are medically fit then make sure you take you documents as well, click here

. Pay the fee click here for how much depending on the licence you want.

If you are coming from overseas you may or may not need to sit a written and practical test, it just depends on where you come from. For example if you have a UK licence you will just be able to transfer it without needing to sit any tests 🙂 . The Queensland Transport site is a fantastic resource for checking out what you’ll need to do.

If you are here on a temporary visa you are allowed to continue to drive on your overseas licence, so much easier for you 🙂

Hope this helps


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