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Ok Joy people time for some fun. Looking for somewhere fun to take the kids especially with the school holidays coming up. Ever considered a theme park. We have several all located not far from Brisbane. As our family are absolute ride junkies it was no problem blogging on these parks.

Now there are several that we go to that are located on the way to the Gold Coast and at the Gold Coast. So let’s start with Dreamworld and Whitewater World. We have been attending these two parks this year, as each year we buy a family pass for 12 months to either Dreamworld and Whitewater World which are included in the same pass and are located at the same place or we opt for the other annual pass which includes Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet n Wild. Movieworld and Wet n Wild are very close to each other and seaworld is located at the spit at the Gold Coast.

Now our kids are a bit older 11, 9 and 6. Dreamworld is great even our 6 year old, who is as crazy as the others when it comes to rides, can go on just about everything as she is over 120 cm, which is if you are into rides the magic number. However if your kids are not that game, never fear, there are plenty of other attractions for them at Dreamworld and there are stage shows as well as feeding demonstrations of all the animals, tiger island, and koala country that you can fill your day with. If you have the energy after you have done all of this you can head next door to whitewater world for a swim. There are a lot of big rides here as well but there is plenty for the littlies as well. At the moment it is running on restricted hours and not all the rides are operational but once the September holidays get here it will be in full swing again. ( stay tuned for my blog when it is much warmer, maybe I will make the kids go first).

What we like to do is start the day at Whitewater World, have a break for lunch then head into Dreamworld for the afternoon. You can take food in and we always take a packed lunch in a cooler bag and just leave it at the waterpark until we are ready to eat and then you can just leave your bags there while you go into Dreamworld it is all very safe. They also have lockers if you want to lock away your valuables.

Dreamworld has several sections. There is ABC kids world  which is home to all your little kids favourites including the awesome Wiggles World with plenty of rides and a section where mum and dad can sit and rest while the kids play in a covered wiggles themed area.
dreamworld wiggles world

Gold rush country is a step back in time to the Australian gold rush era, there are water rides and one of the big 8 rides the Buzsaw.
dreamworld gold rush dreamworld buzsaw

Corroboree is another popular one if you are not into thrill rides. You can see koalas, kangaroos, emus, crocodiles, dingoes and even a wedge tail eagle. There are sheep shearing demonstrations and you can even see someone playing a didgeridoo.

Ocean parade has two of the big 8 rides including the claw and the wipeout.
dreamworld wipeout

The most recently added section is Dreamworks with all the characters from Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. There are a fewer rides in here quite a few the smaller kids will love as well as a few for the big kids including the pandemonium, gingy’s glider, escape from Madagascar, of course a carousel and the obligatory dodgem cars plus a few more. One other place our kids love is a huge area covered by a net and filled with soft balls and all sorts of equipment you can load the balls into and shoot at unsuspecting victims running around.

dreamworld shrek dreamworld real poh dreamworld poh dreamworld madagascar animals dreamworld gingy's glider

Another two of the big 8 thrill rides is the Tower of Terror and the Mick Doohan motorbikes, my kids love these, but let me warn you they are not for the faint hearted.

dreamworld tower of terror dreamworld mick doohan

They also have 3D IMAX theatre that regularly changes the movie and is a short 15 minute feature that is worth a look.

Now if you haven’t packed a lunch don’t worry of course there are plenty of places to eat as well as a buffet style restaurant. Of course there is an ice-cream parlour and what would a theme park be without a candy store.

dreamworld ice cream dreamworld lollies

If you are thinking how are we going to get all this in in one day don’t worry there is a great train ride that takes you all around the park and saves lots of energy and the kids love it.
dreamworld train station


If rides are not your thing then Seaworld and Movieworld might be the place for you.  There is also Wet N Wild that is a waterpark. They have rides at these parks but also have a lot of shows that you can spend a day going to.

If you keep an eye out there are always deals for these parks for annual passes for Dreamworld and you can get a pass for Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet N Wild which covers all three parks. You will often see them around June and Christmas. Our kids grandma was at a bit of a loss last year as to what to by our kids so she opted for a Dreamworld pass and everyone is happy. Also if you just wanted to go for a day and decide the family loves it you can upgrade your day pass to a yearly pass and just pay the difference.

So head out for a fantastic day of fun for the whole family.


The Joy Girls xx

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