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We know that there are loads of cycling fans here in beautiful Brisbane !  and you will have noticed the many cyclists we have here, and how early they all get up to enjoy this beautiful place!  and maybe you’ve thought about joining them 🙂

The cycle paths we have around Brisbane are awesome, and with so many amazing places to see what better way than on a bike . Now if I’m honest I’m just a social cyclist ( and that may even be pushing it 🙂 ) but I can appreciate that there are loads of people who love nothing more than getting on their bike and going for hours with a group of friends. And what better way to do this than by joining a great cycling club

There are many cycling clubs around and we wanted to point you in the right direction, so you can get your feet on those peddles and go for it 🙂

A great starting point is the Cycling Queensland website which can point you in the direction of a local club close to you

If you are in the city one of the largest clubs is the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club and it is also one of the oldest.

An awesome club that we have here in the western suburbs is called Altitude . These guys are a growing group of cyclists with multiple grades of regular weekly rides available, as well as race meetings. Check out their FB page here for their latest info

On Mondays and Fridays they enjoy quiet and relaxed-paced riding around the Centenary and Brookfield areas. On other days the tempo increases with various levels of training done by smaller groups.

On many weekends the faster riders hit the racing tracks around Australia. The casual racers engage in criterion events around Brisbane, and the more advanced racers have their own team in the Queensland Racing Series.

They have great team-lycra to purchase, and all riders are encouraged to be a part of the annual 650k / 4-day Grand Tour of Hope where funds are raised for third world communities. (more at

AltitudePromoPic2 AltitudePromoPic1

So all we can say is ” on your bike ! ” 🙂


the Joy Girls xx

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