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As we mentioned in our previous post ” A bad hair day “ there are days we all have when we feel a bit low. but for some of us those feelings become something more and we need some extra help.

We have the privilege of the beautiful Linda with us explaining what it is she does, and if you yourself think you may need a bit more than just a hug and a coffee, then we would truly encourage you to reach out and get that help!

Hi my name is Linda and I have worked as a Social Worker and therapist for 15 years.

I am based at Kenmore in Brisbane. I worked in the UK, mostly with children and families, before moving here to Brisbane. Counselling can be a powerful way of resolving a range of normal human issues.  I think it is an effective way of being with people who want to explore various concerns such as relationships, depression (the common cold of mental health), stress, bereavement and fear, to name but a few. 

People are often anxious about seeing a counsellor, what will she say, what  will she think of me, will she be able to help me?  They are all normal questions.  Some things clients have said to me after sessions are,  ‘I didn’t realise I had so much to say, I feel so much better now I’ve spoken about it,  I don’t know how I would have done it without you!

So imagine your life without the issue that is chattering away at the back of your mind.  It’s something you’ve wondered for a while if it would be helpful to speak to a professional.  Friends have been sympathetic but something still nags away.  People often wonder about seeing a counsellor and often put it off because they think the issue is either not serious enough to warrant paying for professional help or there may be an unconscious belief that no one can really help with this, or offer anything that may change the issue.  Therapy can help you reframe the matter differently and find strategies for coping when the existing ones are failing.  

In this age of wellbeing and health spas, therapy can be a psychological and emotional spa that is part of a journey towards wholeness.

You can contact me at I’m happy to have a brief chat to discuss whether counselling is a good way forward for you if you would like  to check out first.

Thank you so much Linda

If you don’t live in the Western suburbs there are still many many counselling services around.

Here’s the Queensland health list for Brisbane.

Or you can always chat with your own Dr/ GP and ask them to refer you to someone.

Take care of yourselves lovelies because you matter !!


The Joy Girls xxx

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