Costco Queensland is it worth the trip ?


How many of you JOY peeps know this amazing store from elsewhere in the world ?

We have known Costco in both the UK and the USA and so it was with a sense of anticipation that we ventured up to Northlakes last week to check it out and see if they have continued the same standard here in Oz.

From here in the Western suburbs it took us approx 45mins to get there but it was an easy run and with the new Legacy way now open this will cut the time down a bit.

First impressions reminded me immediately of the store in Dunwoody, Atlanta where we lived just 5 mins from Costco. It really did feel very familiar driving into the carpark with the store looking exactly the same as its many clones across the world. so much so in fact that I expected to see Sweet Tomatoes restaurant right next door, just as it was in the States ( an awesome family restaurant in the USA for those who don’t know 🙂 ).

So as with all stores you have to become a member to shop here which we dutifully signed up for. It was $60 for an yearly subscription and this is for 2 members in your family click this link for details.

Once inside you could be in any store across the world, with large electronics by the front door, with TV’s and fridges, computers and cameras and all manor of household appliances.

Seasonal items and clothing in the middle, fresh food to the back and processed food items to the other side and a larger pharmacy at the back.

In the middle of the store you will find all manor of seasonal household items or whatever it is they are promoting at that time. When we were there they had a lot of gym equipment such as running machines and ellipticals through to punch bags for boxing. I’m looking forward to their Christmas promotions as we bought the most amazing Christmas tree from Costco in the USA several years back, which didn’t emigrate quite so well and I’m excited to be able to replace it with a similar one.


So do they stock the same things as across the world and the answer is YES 🙂 not everything but a lot, even down to the Carter brand PJs that we always bought for the kids .


Are prices cheaper, umm no not really. But you can buy in enormous quantities so if you are catering for  a party or have a houseful of guests then yes this is most definitely worth it . We always have found the Kirkland brand to be a really good brand as well and they use it for food, clothing and many other items.


My kids were also really excited to see that they stock the American candies they loved such as Reeses peanut butter cups in huge bags !

IMG_3029 IMG_3028

Another thing I always loved was the discount movie tickets they sell or theme park tickets they have. These are different depending on which offer they have running but worth keeping in a cupboard if they have a good one.


One last thing thats good is when you become a member you can also shop online with them which opens up a whole other world for which I take no responsibility 😉 .

So yes I will be going back but not for my weekly shop ! otherwise we’ll need to buy a warehouse just to store everything in.


The Joy Girls xx

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