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Cheerleading is a growing sport here in Brisbane and kids through to teenagers  love it ! 🙂

When we moved from the USA our then 13 yr old daughter was devastated at the thought of having to give up a sport she loved over there , as we weren’t sure how big the sport was here in Australia.

Well let me tell you we were blown away with how much was on offer for her here in Brisbane and we jumped straight back into it

There are several clubs around Brisbane offering pom pom , tumbling and cheer, as well as the competition circuit that they can be part of, which is so much fun !  But as with all kids sports it can be time consuming and mean whole weekends taken up with travel and competitions.

But at least they are fun and entertaining to watch as a spectator, and believe me you will become very good at perfecting the perfect hair “poof” and those hair bows! wooww ………. well they are in a category all of their own .

But for a fantastic team sport that keeps your kids very fit and healthy, and in which they get to jump around to loud music look no further . And if you think cheerleading is just a few girls dancing around then you need to think again !! these guys are STRONG athletes throwing other athletes around, and is most definitely not just for girls ! 🙂

Check out some of these awesome teams we have around here

Brisbane All Star Cheerleading  on the Northside from ages 8 and up

Queensland Cheer Elite   here in sumner park and on the Northside from ages 3 and up

Fitness and Dance  here in Kenmore and Jindalee from ages 3 and up 

Spirit Elite Allstars over in Morningside from ages 5 and up

So get those pom poms out 🙂


The Joy Girls xx


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