Skin cancer checks !

Dear Joy friends

Skin cancer !! is a huge issue and when you have moved here to Brisbane and is something that needs to be taken really seriously

Yep scary stuff and unfortunately here in sunny Queensland we are right smack bang in the danger zone ( and theres no Tom Cruise on this highway to the danger zone 😉 ) Oops showing my age there but what can I say, ahhh……. sorry got side tracked there for a minute, coming back to it

Skin cancer is one thing we’ve all heard about and yep we all go” oh dear thats really bad “. But have you actually stopped and thought wow I need to do some thing about this ?

We all know about slip, slop, slap, slide and seek   the cancer council ( click the link )do an amazing job.

“Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. More than 430,000 Australians are treated a year for skin cancers. Of these, over 10,500 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed. Each year there are around 1600 deaths from melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.”

But when moving from somewhere other than Queensland I think we can often forget just how important this really is and what this can mean for our daily routine .

We may not be used to wearing hats all the time and putting spf 50 on every day, and we just don’t realise how important these things can be.

I know when we arrived we didn’t appreciate just how quickly you can burn here, not in hours in mins !!! and thats our kiddos too.

If you have school age kids you’ll quickly realise that schools take this seriously and most schools have a ” no hat , no play ” policy which can be hard for kids to get used to, especially older kids, but its a fantastic habit to form young.

There are lots of amazing skin clinics here and you will probably drive past many on your travels everyday. But for those of us from overseas especially, its not something that pops up on our radar as actually having to go in for a check up.

Well thats where you need to make a few changes. We live in beautiful Brisbane now, so yep regular skin checks need to be added to your list of things to do just like the dentist, and you do need that sunscreen every day, a pair of sunnies and an amazing hat ( as JOY only do amazing hats of course 😉 )


Many GPs will do a skin check if you ask, or there are lots of skin clinics that you can just call and make an appointment, you don’t need  a referral.

We use the Auchenflower Molescan clinic  ( click the link) on Milton Road, and they are brilliant !! Dr Chris Fawcett is very thorough and just so lovely

Here it is not left to the naked eye to determine if a mole is dodgy but they use the latest technology to check you over and then take photos of any moles you have, so these can be followed over time to see if they change in any way .

If it’s felt that a mole needs to be removed they will do this there and then, which is fantastic, and Dr Fawcett is so brilliant that it’ll be over and done in a couple of mins and the biopsy sent straight off.

As a true English rose with the complexion to match, I can’t urged you lovely peeps strongly enough to find yourselves a clinic and pop in and see them, these moles can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, I can testify to that

And why not get yourself that beautiful new hat too…….go on you know you look good in it 🙂





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