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Well in our bid to bring all you lovelies the low down on some of the great spots in our area we thought we could start with some of the amazing shopping we have here, and not just the new and shiny shops in the malls , but the awesome charity shops that we have in abundance here too.

We love a good charity shop and can spend ages searching through them for that perfect little number , in great condition at a fantastic price! and we know we’ve all been to those stores where we walk in and then just turn right around and walk out .

so here are a couple of our favourites that you won’t want to leave ….

One of our top picks is the Salvos in Redhill  these guys have an enormous store and ALSO have a boutique within it that sells designer clothes and some even still have the labels attached ! worth keeping an eye on and they have a massive carpark as well as some furniture and homewares 🙂 There are Salvo stores all over our city so check them out to find one close to you 


Hey Hey Its Yesterday is in the beautiful Rosalie and they also have a shop in the beautiful Paddington  and they are both awesome  for a browse around with their outdoor cafes and restaurants .

This shop in Rosalie has everything spread out across 4 rooms of an old house and has everything from clothes and jewellery to pictures and shoes, and all we saw was in good condition , we found clothes from  loads of amazing stores , Veronika Maine, Cue, Jigsaw, French Connection, David Lawrence to name a few ( I know what are you still sitting there reading this for ???? you should be in that car already whizzing over there !! )

Eternity boutique in Redhill is underneath the Baptist church there and has 2 rooms one which is the boutique and the prices are slightly higher !! OK lets be real, by that I mean $5 and $10 , whereas the next door room is priced by colour dots and most things are $1-$2 dollars ………. can you believe it !!

As with all thrift stores you have to be prepared to hunt through whats there so its not a quick 5 mins shop in these kind of places . But if you don’t mind a good old search through then you can be rewarded with some great finds

Another fantastic one is the RSPCA ops shop in Sherwood , there are actually quite a few RSPCA  op shops around Brisbane which we will have to try and go and have a route through at some point to let you know what we find. But Sherwood is definitely not one to be missed !

We have found loads in all these stores and even my gorgeous teenager found a couple of awesome things from the coolest shops , so we left with some great pieces and happy wallets  !!! which makes for a very successful trip 🙂

So us JOY girls would definitely recommend  a day of thrift shopping while you are out and about in this beautiful city


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  • Yesterday’s is great…and it supports people with brain injuries as well.

    They also run a fab little thrift book shop (+ some extra “things”) on Latrobe Tce named Yesterday’s Book & Things.

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