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Camping, as many of you will know, is not something I jump up and down in excitement about, way too many bugs ready to eat me 🙂

But we do live in this amazing country, and my gorgeous husband has always been keen to get out and about and explore a little more, whilst staying a little closer to nature. So a compromise was reached and yes we ended up with ” lets try a caravan holiday ”

Now no laughing for those who are keen campers, or those others of you who would never set foot in a tent, for fear all those bugs and creatures who will crawl all over you, and into your mouth in the middle of the night ( or is that just me !?!? )

First things first, we needed to find a caravan to rent, as no, we do not have one just sitting in our driveway. But we did find this absolutely awesome company called Luxury Caravan Hire, who are based here in Brisbane. They have a fantastic range of caravans you can hire, all in great condition. Ours was awesome, it had a separate bedroom as well as a little bathroom and a great little kitchen which had everything we could have needed. They have different shapes and sizes to suit whatever your family needs are, some even have washing machines !!

We took off for our little adventure in the depths of the Queensland winter and headed south to Byron Bay, although not what you would really call cold. The weather was a wee bit nippy and at night it did actually get down to freezing, but have to say we were so toasty warm all snugged up in our little home we didn’t notice the wind and rain outside on our 1st night.



We stayed at Big 4 campsite in Byron Bay, and it was awesome even had a little coffee shop on site, these guys have loads of camp grounds all over Australia, so check over on their site.

Campsites in winter are perfect ! as they are quiet with lots of room and yet still stunning. Byron was just amazing ! the beaches cold and perfect, with clear blue skies occasionally dusted with cotton wool clouds. The ocean was crystal clear with a few brave souls in wet suits braving the chill to catch an early morning surf.









Each day we ventured out to find little cafes or markets in the beautiful hinterlands around Byron, then returned home to our cosy caravan for dinner and a movie snuggled up with a glass of red wine, hot chocolate and popcorn on the pull out sofa bed, that our son was sleeping on.

There is something truly magical waking up outside ( ok well we weren’t totally outside but it felt very much as if we were closer to the elements than being at home ) sitting having a coffee outside as the world woke up around us, yet feeling the slow pace of camping.

After 2 nights we hitched up our home and headed north up to the Queensland hinterland as we had booked our son into wild life warriors at Australia Zoo for a day.

It was fabulous to just hitch up and go, so easy as all the doors and cupboards have special clips so everything doesn’t fly around as you go. It was so cool to just stop en route hop in the back and put the kettle on for a quick cuppa and a wee choccie biccie. See you can tell I’ve become a caravan convert already 🙂

This time our campsite was much smaller but equally fun. We had booked ahead of time, but I think we would have been safe to just arrive at this time of year. But if you chose to go in peak season make sure you do book ahead as spots can fill up months in advance.

Again we hooked up the power and water and we were all set to go.

I had been pretty organised for once in my life and had pre sorted our meals for each night and we were away. So it made it very easy to just reheat or BBQ although I have to say the kitchen facilities were amazing! with an oven and hob as well as a toaster and small freezer which were a huge help. We had also taken our own baby webber grill and some outdoor chairs so we could sit outside at night which was just divine ! Although one night it was a wee bit too cold so we retreated indoors to our heated home on wheels.

I have to say, it was such special few nights, it was only 4 in total but was one of those breaks that felt like a few weeks as we totally relaxed so quickly.  We all laughed so much and just enjoyed that down time, as we were all in such close quarters, and even though it was cold and wintery outside, it was warm and fun inside. We truly felt as if we were camping, just no bugs crawling on my face 🙂 and it was warm and we had hot water and a loo right there ( I know I know but the basics really do help ) .

As we drove back into the yard of Luxury Caravan Hire I truly felt sad to be saying goodbye to our new found little home.

Who knows maybe one day in the dim distant future we’ll become one of those couples who head off into the sunset with their caravan in tow and adventure in their hearts to who knows where 🙂 and that thought actually seems quite fun !

So give it a go you never know you might love it too


The Joy Girls x

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