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Julian Carroll from SnapParcel in the UK explaining what we can and can’t send in the mail from the UK

How many of us from the UK miss so many of our favourite things from back home ? And how many have family and friends try and send them to us, and it doesn’t quite work out.

This is a really useful guide on what you can and can’t post over here to us in Sunny Brisbane

Get to Know the Facts about Sending Mail to Australia

150 million items of international mail are sent to Australia every single year and almost 80,000 of those are intercepted by Australian customs officers and labelled as ‘high-risk’. That is because these items may pose a significant threat to the biodiversity of one of the world’s unique habitats. Australia’s quarantine laws are extremely strict to protect their island nation and if a parcel you send is found to be in breach of these laws, you could face a very hefty fine. Always do your research before sending a parcel ‘down under’ and never send any times on their list of prohibited items. For a snapshot of common items that are prohibited or restricted from sending them in international mail to Australia, plus hints and tips on packaging your parcels, have a look at the infographic created by SnapParcel. For a more detailed read, see this guide.


Thanks Julian


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