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So we are off and running in this amazing world of blogging 🙂

Yes its another beautiful day in the land down under , if you’ve just relocated to Brisbane, and even if you’ve lived here for a few years now we just wanted to let you know that we’re here to answer any of those questions you may have. We know that many of you aren’t able to come to coffee or lunch but we’re still want to be here for you too

However long we may have lived here, we may all suddenly find we need a washing machine man as the water gushes everywhere Helpppppp…….yep speaking from experience here

So do ask whatever it maybe .

Maybe your 16yr old has just announced its time to get their L plates ahh…… you may well cry ….. I did ! Then thoughts very very quickly turn to who is going to do the teaching as we all know or can imagine or remember those calm , peaceful days of bonding???!?  between us and our parents . So maybe a paid professional is required ?  yep I was a happy bunny to pay someone danger money to do the teaching

I happily imagined we simply had to get those L plates do some practice then take a test and off we go……. oh no .. there is so much more !!! We have entered the world of learning to drive and learning in a whole new country with L plates , red Plates, green P plates ?  I was totally lost ! …but this can be equally confusing if you’ve relocated from interstate .

Every day we find ourselves on a new learning curve as we come across new issues. For some of us that means flying by the seat of our pants as we navigate new jobs , finding preschools, working out what Bulk billing actually means 🙂 we know that its an ongoing learning curve and it can be confusing whatever it is you are learning .

We hope to address some of these in this blog so if anyone has any requests about what they would like to know about let us know .

In the mean time do get in touch and let us know how we can help or just share your stories x

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