Bozena and Grace

Bozena and Grace

Bozena and Grace are two Polish sisters who have a fabulous florist café in Miskin Street, Toowong. Flora Organika.

We had the privilege of meeting Bozena and Grace for coffee and a chat and really wanted to share some of their story with all of you.

Bozena was the first to move to Australia 16 years ago for love. She met and fell in love with an Aussie guy and they had lived in England and Germany but finally settled here in Australia. Loving Australia but of course missing her sisters she set about inviting first her little sister to come to Australia and introduced her to a neighbour, needless to say she was quite the match maker and her little sister fell in love and stayed. Having found success with the first of her sisters she then invited Grace to come to Australia 5 years ago and found another neighbour! Magically this meeting also found love for Grace and she decided to stay.

Grace had been living in Germany and working as a florist for 19 years and running her own business, at the time of the invitation from Bozena, she was ready for a change.

Grace’s first impression of being here in our beautiful city, was this feeling of being able to stand still and take a really big deep breath, of being able to look up and spread your arms wide and breath, both emotionally and physically. To not feel the oppression of grey sky’s and the depth of history of Poland, which although rich and deep, can still leave those living there with the weight of all those years of the past.  The relaxed Australian lifestyle where we truly mean ” No Worries mate ” truly resinates with Grace. But saying that she still misses the distinct European seasons with all the magic they bring , especially in regards to all the floral colours to be found in all the different seasons, which can bring such inspiration and beauty

Bozena echoes all these same thoughts and emotions, but both sisters easily agree that although they miss these things of home, the seasons, food and traditions of Poland, as well as family still living there. They are more than happy to call Australia home now

A year ago the two sister’s opened their gorgeous florist/café called Flora Organika in Miskin Street, Toowong. With so much inspiration from their early years in Poland, where they spent so much time close to nature, spending a lot of time on their grandparents farm. They reminisce of summer afternoons, where beautiful smells from the kitchen wafted throughout as the household prepared for Sunday lunch. The table would be dressed with its white crisp tablecloth, and they would run to the garden with their grandmother following, to choose and cut the fresh flowers to decorate the table.  It was so beautiful, peaceful, just magic.

This stunning little coffee shop is such a joy to visit and you immediately feel the heart and soul with which it has been set up.  It is running successfully and they are hoping to be able to increase the café side of the business enough be able to concentrate more on the creative side with their incredible floral arrangements.

If you would like to meet these 2 beautiful ladies you will find them at

Flora Organika




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