Boggo Road Gaol ( Jail )

Our Beautiful Shelley has been out and about again and as ever we asked her to take her camera and let us know all about her adventures , and she never lets us down . so over to you Shelley xx

As myself and my two kids (aged 13 and 14 years) enjoy a bit of history and horror all mixed in, we decided to visit the gaol in Boggo Road, Brisbane’s most notorious gaol that housed convicted women and men for serious crimes such as murder and rape.

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There are twice daily tours, and we opted for the 1pm tour, so when we arrived, we parked easily outside and booked ourselves onto the tour, and waited by the huge Gaol gate entrance. (We were told there was no need to prebook for this tour, when I called them earlier that day)

Once inside, our tour began with a little history about the beginning of the gaol as a women’s prison, and Brisbane as a penal colony,  and some stories about some of its residents.

Our tour guide was excellent at engaging with all ages on this tour, but even though it is described as a “family tour” I felt that some of the more gruesome stories about the hangings that took place there were more suitable for children aged 10 and above. Younger children might enjoy seeing the gaol, and maybe wouldn’t really listen to all of the narrative, but I think older kids gained more from the stories and atmosphere of the place.

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We were shown the quadrangle, the exercise yards, the workshop and visitor rooms, as well as the cells themselves, all with stories to accompany them.

 We really enjoyed wandering around the cells and learning about the prison’s more infamous residents.

The information given to us by the guide was interesting and appropriate and kept my kids enthralled with the “gory” nature of some of the details. Some of the stories were happy, however, such as the pet cat “Tripod” that was looked after by the inmates.


We were told about the riots that signalled the end of the gaol’s use and what happened in the final few years. All in all, the tour took about 90 minutes and ended in the newly appointed gift shop where of course I was conned into buying the kids a huge set of gaoler keys each!!

A very interesting and thought provoking afternoon, and a fantastic educational experience that my kids absolutely loved, and they didn’t even realise they’re absorbing it all!!

I would definitely revisit and experience their evening ghost tours, and once the kids are over 15years, they provide a tour where you are shown around by a warder, and an ex inmate that served 25 years for murder… can imagine the more colourful stories and experiences are told by him!

Shelley x

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