Blustery days out

Lighthouses, fish and chips and ice creams was the promise


Blustery winds and cloudy skies wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal but they fitted right on in .

When you relocate to Brisbane it can be really hard knowing where to go for beautiful days out and what you’ll find when we get there, so we want to share with you a few of these places as we share our JOY adventures with you

I love these days of new places and new adventures, add into the mix our little people, husbands and BBQs and we are sorted .I haven’t been out to Cleveland point before today and was excited as we packed the car with balls and racquets and picnic things,which in Aussie terms means the BBQ and some snags ūüôā Our youngest was excited at the prospect of a day of fun with friends outside on this blustery day .

Cleveland is to the south east of the city, approx a 1hr drive from the western suburbs of Brisbane so a perfect day trip .

Cleveland point is a beautiful area with something for everyone from scooter and bike paths, a beautiful brightly coloured playground, built in BBQ’s , fish and chips, icecreams and of course the stunning ocean looking out to Peel Island¬†.


Not forgetting the pretty¬†Cleveland lighthouse¬†¬†which¬†was built 1864 . This is none operational and you can’t go inside but it does does add to the beauty of this spot.

Before we had even parked the car our little man, with great shouts of delight to his buddy, was out of the car bat and ball in hand and a game of baseball was underway. There is plenty of grass to run around on and have fun , maybe not enough for a full size soccer game, but enough for a few boys to throw a ball.

Scooters were ridden, swings were swung upon, and slides were slidden down


Laughter and chatter got louder and louder as we attempted to BBQ those snags, once again there had been a slight flaw in my planning as the sausages were still frozen and as winter had decided to come, there wasn’t much hope of them thawing out . Undaunted the BBQ was lit and the cooking began, and we waited …… and waited ……. and waited some more ……..

Until we could wait no more! but all was not lost as the hunger mounted so too did the glorious smell from the fish and chippery


So just to keep us going we thought it would be best to try a small sample of the local chippy, which turned into mountains of hot salty chips and 3 beautiful pieces of white flaky fish, sooo glad we did very yummy !!

The less said about the sausages at this point the better !

The wind was definitely becoming a factor as we stood closer and closer together and thoughts turned to warm cups of tea in the beautiful cafe next to the fish and chips and which looked right out over the ocean .


Naturally the kiddies felt the same as they surprisingly all very happily packed up their games and came rushing for……..

yep icecream ! but hey when it was so creamy ¬†and yummy and with so many choices what wasn’t there to love ?


It was a beautiful day in Cleveland and perfect for a family day or for a stroll along the ocean path, this isn’t a sandy beach for kiddies to play on but enormous mud flats. But if ¬†you wear some water proof shoes to protect from oyster shells then fun can be found, then followed by a leisurely lunch in the cafe looking out over the bay. What could be better



The Joy Girls xx





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