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There are so many trips to choose from here are a few that we have done but it goes without saying there are hundreds more.

The first one reminded me of Sarah’s blog on the tree top challenge at Thunderbird Park. The Bali Treetop Adventure Park is so much fun for adults and kids. They have several circuits starting at easy (squirrel yellow) up to Adrenaline black. Anyone can do any circuit. But you must start at the yellow and work your way up. If you are heading up to the park you can also check out the Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park.

In the North of the Island in Taro Ubud is the Elephant Safari Park. The park is owned an operated by an Australian whose passion is taking in and looking after mistreated elephants. We were fortunate enough on one trip to see one of the baby elephants that had been born in the park. Admission into the park includes a ride on one of the elephants through the surrounding Forrest. There is no need to book to go to the park you can just arrive and purchase your tickets at the entry gate. The park takes a few hours so when you are done you can head into Ubud, check out the monkey forest, plenty of art, shopping or try the Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) at a local restaurant.

Bali elephant 2 Bali elephant Bali elephant 3

One of my all time favourite things to do in Bali which is up there on one of my best days ever is the Bali Eco Cycling Tour which takes you to the top of a mountain where you get a view of the once active volcano Mt Batur in Bali where you will sit overlooking the crater eating a traditional Indonesian buffet breakfast. After this the tour stops at a farm where local spices are grown including local vanilla beans which you can purchase in the shop at the end of the tour and they are so cheap and amazing fat and full of beautiful vanilla seeds. Also at this stop they will show you how one of the most expensive coffees in the world Luwak is produced. This is really quite interesting and your kids I am sure will be disgusted. Coffee beans are fed to the Luwak which then eats them digests them and they are pooped out and collected and then turned into Luwak coffee. You will get to sample the coffee as well as other types of coffee and tea at the end of the tour and these can also be purchased at the gift shop.

Bali Volcano Bali volcano jonah

After this you are off to the rice fields where you will stop and for a walking tour through a rice field and your guide will explain how the rice is grown and harvested. Once you have done this the best part of the tour is now to cycle down the mountain you have driven up in your tour bus. The ride is about 25km and all down hill. You get to ride through local villages and there is even a stop at a local house where you can walk through and see how these beautiful people live.

Bali Rie Fields 2 Bali Rice Fields Bali rice fields tour Bali village Bali village lucy Bali village 2 Bali trew Bali rice fields 3

At the end of your bike ride you are taken by bus for lunch where you are fed a beautiful Indonesian banquet for lunch. We booked this tour before we left online just click on the Bali Eco Cycling Link in this blog and book from there. They will collect you from wherever you are staying and drop you home.

Another great day out is trying out some water sports down at Nusa Dua. We used Jetset Marine Tours and booked online before we left. They have so many options for you to choose from, from parasailing, flying fish boats, jet skis, snorkelling, wakeboarding and windsurfing just to name a few. The flying fish boat was an absolute high light. This boat actually flies into the air while you lie down inside it and there is a man standing up in the boat steering it while you are flying through the air. A LOT OF FUN!!!! even our youngest who at the time was 4 did it.

Bali flying fish Bali jet ski Bali bananna boat

If you are looking for some beautiful scenery then head to the Tanah Lot temple, it is a temple that you can walk to at low-tide but you are not allowed to enter and not farm from Tanah Lot is the Nirwana Gold Club. If you have a chance to play a round while you are there then this place is spectacular and well worth it. One of the holes overlooks the beautiful Tanah Lot Temple.

Bali golf 2 Bali golf Bali golf 3

There are so many other options and if I covered them all I would be here all day but remember there are surfing tours, cycling tours, white water rafting, scuba diving, trekking and quad bike tours. You name and you can probably do it in Bali.

One of our kids favourite they I have to talk about is Waterbom Park. Well I actually decided to get My daughter Grace to do this from a kids perspective. Trust me though it is a great day for the adults as well.

Over to you Gracie !!!!!

Hey everyone. I’m going to be writing about Waterbom Park. Waterbom Park is located in Kuta, and is a bucket load (sorry, excuse my pun, but you’ll find out why its punny later) of fun. When you walk in, you can see a water bomb station. There you pay a small price, and you get the opportunity to throw water balloons at your friends and/or family. If you hit the target dead on, a bucket of cold water is dumped on your opponents heads. Its a little bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but a lot less Arctic.

Trust me, I’ve done both of these things, and no prizes to whoever guesses which one I preferred.

Once you’ve dumped a few buckets of water on everyone, you can travel through the park a bit more. For those thrill seekers out there, there is a ride called the Boomerang (talk about a little slice of Australia when you’re on holidays). Imagine going down a 20 metre drop, only to be swept back up the slide again. This is what the Boomerang ride has to offer, and as a seasoned veteran of this ride, take my word on the fact that it is awesome!

If you still want a little bit of excitement, but don’t want to end up with your stomach in your throat, there is the Constrictor. It is the longest waterslide in the world, measuring a whopping 250 metres, but despite its extreme length, it’s not as thrilling as the Boomerang, but it’s got twists and turns, and sometimes makes you feel like you’re the king or queen of the world (due to it’s height).

Finally, for those who want even less action than what I’ve listed, there is the Funtastic and the Lazy River. If you want a relaxing trip around Waterbom then the Lazy River is for you. Chilling in an inflatable tube and drifting around Waterbom at your own pace is quite enjoyable (parents, this is mainly directed towards you). The Funtastic, on the other hand, is kiddie central. With it’s awesome slides and massive bucket of water that can sometimes rain down on you, its is a little kid’s idea of paradise.

Parents, if you want to relax somewhere once you’ve stopped with all the rides, then you should get a Gazebo. There are three different types of Gazebos (Regular, Family and Private Family), and you can even have food delivered to them! All in all, Waterbom Park is definitely something worth doing if you find yourself in Bali. It is so much fun, and there is something for everyone.

Superbowl_1 Pipeline_1_0 constricter

Thanks Grace for that informative look at Waterbom Park.

And if you want to check out some other places to visit then make sure to check out

For more day trips in Bali check out Trip101’s article¬†who have some other great ideas.

Well sadly that is my last post on Bali, but if you have any questions please let us know or any great ideas of places to go and see in Bali.

Blessings the Joy Girls xx

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