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Hope this finds you all well with a little spring in your step today 🙂 actually maybe not if you are reading this one, as may mean that something serious seems to have gone wrong with one of your appliances ahhhhhhh !! Don’t panic we’ve got you covered 🙂 all will be well .

Obviously we would come out straight away ourselves and help, but think we might just add to the chaos 😉 so instead we’ll tell you about some of the awesome appliance repair peeps we know of here in Brisbane

First up we have Always Prompt Appliance repairs . Our fridge freezer just decided to die not so quietly one Sunday evening , it blew all the fuses in the kitchen which was fun ?!. So Monday began the quest to find someone who could help me out as quickly as possible. I came across these guys by chance and I’m so glad I did as they were so helpful. They gave me a hrs time slot when they would arrive and yep they actually did come at that time which as we all know is amazing. They charge a call out rate and then by the hr and the cost of any parts, but they were actually really reasonable. Within the hour my fridge was alive and well again and I was one very happy customer ! They will repair all major appliances Fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers .

Chrissy here 🙂

A great girl friend of mine put me on to a washing machine repairman and I have used him a couple of times and recommended him to other friends his name is Peter Sexton phone 0403386743. Give him a call.

While on the subject of broken appliances, recently the bowl in my slow cooker cracked and I came across a fabulous shop at Oxley that can source all sorts of parts and replacement items for different appliances it is Mr Sparky Appliance Spares and Repairs.  This is a truly awesome find if you break a glass mixing bowl or lose a blade to your food processor in a move.


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