Another day another bargain

Its another beautiful autumn day here in sunny Brisbane

and Jo and I have been adventuring alone this week !!

So even though wondrous Jo has lived here so long, we are lost, literally lost without Chrissy !! as in lost alone on the roads of Brisbane ( actually thats how many of you are probably feeling as you find your way around )

So the day dawned and we left Chrissy behind as we set off to find yet another consignment store, this time in West End  which in it self is worth a wonder around .

We had one slight flaw in our plan , which was we didn’t actually know the name or the address of this shop ……..

My poor lady in google maps was having a near nervous breakdown by the end as we did Uturn after Uturn

But after much laughter we found it ….. Adore on Boundary Rd


Christine Brindell is the owner and runs the shop on a consignment basis and if you would like to sell items of clothing, shoes or handbags with her she will give you 40% of the sale price . She will hold your stock for 3months and after this you can pick up what hasn’t sold or she will donate it to charity.

What we did find though, was that if you only have 1 or 2 items she may buy them off you straight away . Jo had 2 pieces to sell and Christine only wanted one of them and gave her cash on the spot which was awesome thank you very much !

This is a slightly larger store than never and barely worn and has more stock but it is all gently used again mainly womens clothing ( we have yet to find a kiddies consignment store here )

So even though we missed having our real life google maps with us the fabulous Chrissy ( she honestly is !!! ) we succeeded in our mission to find you lovelies more bargains

And we celebrated with a cup of ……… hot chocolate and Maca ?!?! but thats for another blog another day 😉


The Joy Girls xx



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