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We have one of beautiful Joy ladies Shelley as a guest blogger today 🙂

She went with a group of Joy ladies to Annerley on a very wet day so read on

Well the rainy day didn’t stop us, and after some research on “Weekend Notes” about vintage, antique and Op shops in Brisbane I stumbled across an area of Annerley along Ipswich road that looked like a gem.

Once kids were dropped off at school and washing loads were put on, we jumped in the car and half hour later ( from Fig Tree Pocket) we were at the area known as Annerley Junction ( Number 484 Ipswich Road was put in the GPS and took us to our first destination).

It was a large, impressive antiques store called “Southside Antiques”.


Parking could be had either right outside, or in the surrounding side roads, and we managed to find a side road two minutes walk away that offered parking with “no limit”, a find in itself in Brisbane!

Two levels of treasure, antiques, bric-a-brac, and items from an era gone by, I’m sure there was stuff in there from my nan’s house….. An amazing place to walk around just looking, and pick up the odd trinket, the costume jewellery and brooches were fabulous to look at and some were affordable (from $20 upwards).

After chatting and reminiscing our way around there, we were of course ready for a coffee and a snack, and the Dudley Street Espresso bar was only a hop, skip and a jump away across the small side road. Lovely coffees, and the most amazing posh ham and cheese toastie (prosciutto and mozzarella) I have ever had. I will be going back for another one some time soon.

Once we were refuelled we ventured four shops to the left along from “Southside Antiques” and found another fantastic shop,

“Vintage Revival”. If you need cheap dressing up outfits for any age, from kids to adults, or you enjoy unique clothing from every decade from the fifties, this is the shop for you. Great items and great prices, bags, jewellery and wigs too….

image image

Everything is sorted out onto different rails and areas so if you need an outfit from the 60’s or 70’s it’s all easy to pick out and find something. There’s also a huge room full of children’s dress up outfits too, all in good condition and very affordable.  I do like a “one off” piece of fashion and bought a skirt off the “gypsy” rail, for $14.

Our next stop was just another three shops along, a small boutique type store called “Handmade High Street”. Well, this is where I spent most of my money, a great little find, all items Australian handmade, great for gifts and Christmas presents.

Quirky kids clothes, baby items and jewellery.

I bought a red glass bead necklace for $5 and the multicoloured stone necklace for $20 (these were sale items)

image image

Fantastic Lego items included key rings, earrings and these adorable bookmarks that I bought as Christmas stocking fillers…..

So many fabulous items….I also bought a set of “watch part” cuff links for my kids to give to my husband on Fathers Day…..sssshhhhh!

Once we managed to get out of there, $100 poorer, we decided to venture into a couple of the Op shops that surrounded us. There was the “Aid for the Blind” Shop, and across the main road was the “Asthma Op shop”. We found the Asthma shop had more bargains and I picked up a cute bag in there for $5.

So, all in all, a great day, despite the weather, and a fantastic laugh with friends looking for bargains and chuckling about fashions from the past. A great area for bargains, and although Annerley looks a little shabby, the bargains we grabbed certainly weren’t!!

Shelley x


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