After Hours Doctor Brisbane

Ok this is an important one.

If someone gets sick at night or over the weekend, and you need an after hours Doctor.

You have a couple of options.

If it is serious and life threatening you need to contact the ambulance on 000 and they will make all the arrangements for you from there. Make sure you have your medicare card details (if you have one) handy as well as your health insurance information so you can take them with you.

We have a wonderful service here called 13 Health so if you are unsure who you should call or where you should head and what level of severity your situation is, then call the nurses here and they will ask you some questions to assess what is going on and then advice you the best course of care to seek.

If you need to head to an Emergency Department (click the link) for all the local ER departments (you may also know it as Casualty, Emergency Room or Accident and Emergency depending on where you are from) at a nearby hospital. You will need to decide if you will be a public or private patient. You will qualify for a public hospital if you have a medicare card or come from a country that has reciprocal rites with Australia. See our Medicare Blog for this list. Alternatively if you have private health insurance you are able to head to a private hospital. If you don’t have Medicare but do have overseas travel insurance you will also be able to use a private hospital.

If the situation doesn’t require a hospital visit but you need a doctor then you need an after hours doctor service. This service is also invaluable if you have a spouse that travels and have other children that maybe sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them.

You can contact them on 1300 466 337 or jump onto their website, click here. You will need a valid Medicare Card for this service to be bulk billed. Don’t panic if you don’t have Medicare you can still use the service and you can pay them directly. They are available from 6pm – 8am weekdays and 12pm Saturday until 8 am Monday mornings. Bookings are taken from 4pm.

Hope this helps

Stay safe peeps

Blessings the Joy Girls xx

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  • Agreed if you are faced with a known medical emergency ring triple 0 . If in doubt as to the acuity of the situation ring 13health.
    Our accident / emergency departments are intended for accidental and urgent medical emergencies. In order to stem the number of individuals visiting their local accident /emergency departments with non-urgent conditions the Tele-triage service in each state was established . Your call will be answered by a registered nurse who will ask you several questions to assess your individual circumstances and then advise you on what the most appropriate course of action should be undertaken.

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