A weekend in Port Douglas

20 yrs ago on a warm July afternoon in an English country town you would have found me in a very large white tulle dress being Cinderella for the day 🙂

And wow here we are on the other side of the world, as far away from an English country postcard as you can get, for our 20th anniversary . Port Douglas in Far North Queensland just over a 2 hr flight from Brisbane, and then a 1 hr drive up from Cairns, along what has to be one of the most stunning coastal roads in the world !

We had a long weekend ahead of us, and  that was just me and my man, yep no kiddies !

There are so many options of where to stay up here in Port Douglas, and again always have a good look at Stayz, , Wotif , expedia, or Groupon as you will be able to get a great deal from one of these sites .

We rented an apartment just 5 mins drive from the main street, so very easy and with views of the mountains just outside our window. Very nice thank you very much 🙂


These winter/spring months are just gorgeous with temps from the mid 20’s and upwards as you get closer to summer, with gentle sea breezes and not too much humidity, whats not to love.

4 mile beach here is incredible !!!!! just amazing palm trees, white sand and crystal clear blue water . Can I just say again how much I just love Australian beaches .


We, like Jo, like to play golf ( ok well Ian is awesome and I just whack it wildly 🙂 ) and we played at the Palmer sea reef golf course, which has jaw dropping mountain views , so even if you are the worst golfer in the world this golf course is worth going to just because of the scenery.

Now we didn’t see any kangaroos like Jo did on her trip to Sanctuary Cove but I can top that with …………….

CROCODILES !!!!!! oh my goodness we nearly died , the guy in the shop had mentioned they might be around, but never did we actually expect to see one ! as you can imagine it turned out to be quite a fast round, and yep we didn’t leave the fairway not once, not even a tiny bit …. but this photo is now one our favourite golfing piccies 🙂 and yep no safety fences, this is Australia guys !  ……… “she’ll be right ” 😉 But if you are golfers then this is definitely one to add to your list of go to courses , it was well laid out and the bunkers were perfectly placed ( yep think I managed to land in everyone ) and the staff were really friendly and helpful .


As the name suggests Port Douglas is a port 🙂 and as such has a beautiful marina, which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, where believe me you can just sit for hours watching the world go by with a cold beer and some beautiful seafood, as you gaze out over the blue pacific ocean


We actually took a beautiful sunset cruise out on a catamaran with Sailaway cruises one evening, and yes, you know me so well, I nearly ate a whole box of ginger before we left. As it was really quite windy and the boat wasn’t that big, so I knew that me and me stomach would not be in agreement about this trip . I even brought in the reinforcements of the kwells 🙂 and ……………..I loved it !!!  We sat right up next to the captain and even when the sea did its worst and others fell by the wayside, I survived and look was even smiling



Sailaway cruises  were fantastic ! it was a 1 & 1/2 hr cruise and we were served drinks and nibbles which was very lovely, the 1st drink was complementary and you could buy whatever you like after that with soft and alcoholic drinks on offer . Mind you Ian was coated in chilli sauce within 5 mins oops , can’t think how that would happen ?!?!?!  I mean it was really windy, with a little tiny plastic pot full of sauce, that was in my care ! oops 😉   ….. sorry babe :-). It was such a special way to see the sunset and one to pop in my memory box for when I’m older and grey 🙂


The staff were lovely and for those who really weren’t feeling too well they provided lots of TLC and pointed them in the direction of the railings.

These guys also offer a full day cruise and snorkel or 1/2 day cruise and snorkel and with it being a smaller vessel than one of the bigger companies you get a far more personalised experience which I don’t think you can beat !

Well I can’t talk about a weekend away without mentioning where to eat ( Jo would be sending me back up there just to do it all over again )

So my top tip would be Zinc restaurant on the main street wow yummo to everything !!


I was going to take lots of awesome photos to make you drool but sadly we ate it all too fast . We started with the twice cooked goats cheese souffle and wow !! I’m not usually as big a foodie as the beautiful Jo but even with the 1st mouthful I became a true convert to foodism ( is that even a word 🙂 ) it just melted in your mouth it was so light , and worth a flight back up just for that one dish . The field mushroom risotto was equally yummy and if bowl licking was acceptable it would have been going on at our table !

IMG_3584 IMG_3583


You have to have dessert don’t you, it would be rude not to really so we  finished up with lemon meringue pie which I did get a photo of , and it was a twist on an old classic that I could have gone on eating forever .

So thank you Zinc we truly loved our dinner with you 🙂


For my other top food tip I would suggest …… going to Coles and picking out lots of yummy food and taking it all to the beach and having a picnic 🙂

and even with the wind blowing it was perfect , as what is a true romantic picnic without crunchy sand sandwiches ?? and you can’t top the surrounding scenery ! best in the world



There are so many awesome things to do up at the top end of Queensland especially Port Douglas !, and there are so many top tips from Skyrail which is a cable car ride over the amazing rain forest between Kuranda and Cairns ( and yep it really is over the top of it !!! )

Through to Ziplining in Cape Tribulation which I so want to do, but that will have to wait until next time. Then we have the amazing Mossman Gauge for those not so keen on heights and not forgetting that there is some fantastic white water rafting up here too which will certainly get your heart pumping fast 🙂

So to my best friend and partner in crime, thank you for the best 20 years x lets do it all again 🙂

And for all you Joy peeps make sure you plan your trip up to amazing Port Douglas

Be blessed today

Sarah x

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