A Short Stay in Northern NSW Hinterland

A Short Stay in Northern NSW hinterlands what a great way to spend a weekend let me tell you πŸ™‚

So with all these magically, cold, QLD winter mornings I actually find myself getting somewhat homesick for cold winters days back in good old Blighty, or cold winter snow days in Georgia

Like many of you we live in a beautiful bright, open plan home, which does nothing to create a warm cozy, winters evening with a wood burner going, giving off that amazing smell. Which conjures up memories of years gone by with cold rosy cheeks, from long winter walks, then coming back home to the glow of the fire and hot crumpets ( yep we really did eat them dripping with butter πŸ™‚ )

So this year we did decided to go and find ourselves a little piece of winter cosiness and we didn’t have to look far. We found ourselves in the tiny town of Barringbar, truly the middle of nowhere!

It’s in the Hinterland of Northern New South Wales where there is some of the most stunning scenery around, and no one to interrupt the views and no noise apart from the cows and the kookies in the trees.

DSCN0015 IMG_3230

We rented a house from airbnb which is an awesome site where you rent directly from the owner, or you can try stayzΒ .

To wake up as the sunrises over the crest of the hills, in the middle of these amazing hinterlands and then to be able to walk for miles and miles through the hills and bushland was such a treat, putting on my wellies and scarf was divine no flip flops this weekend. Our little dog didn’t know what had hit her as she was running through grass way over her head and was so full of prickles she looked like a sea creature from the deep. And her 1st experience of cows was the funniest thing ever! As she stood way up on the hill far far away getting her knickers all in a knot as we went to say hello to them.

Our son loved it! as I’m sure most 10yr old boys would and just ran and ran and ran happy to have endless space to run and explore and have adventures πŸ™‚ , he too loved the cows and in fact would have stayed and talked to them for hours as he announces to us that he wants to be a Vet πŸ™‚

IMG_1501 IMG_1520

Later as Β the sun was setting and the sky was turning orange and pink, we were even able to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. Now for those of you who know S’more’s, I was kicking myself that I hadn’t been more organised before the trip and ordered some Gram-crackers, because for true S’mores you’ve got to the have those gram-crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and big fluffy marshmallows. But for those of you who are Β more organised than me check out our blog on where to buy you international foods. But have to say it was so wondrous to sit outside in the dark with the cold air creeping in roasting and burning marshmallows turning them into sticky black dripping monsters ( yep not a lot of eating of them went on πŸ™‚ ).


We kept the wood burner going all weekend and the smell of burning permeated everything, and I LOVED it ! Mind you at around lunch time we did have to open the windows as it did get really a bit too warm πŸ˜‰ but there was no way I was going to let that fire die down!! and yes as you can probably see I do have a deep dark secret …… I love fires πŸ™‚





Now one the absolute joys of staying here is you are only 20 mins from the beach and yes the beach is another of my happy places, so on our drive home, which was all of 1.5 hrs. We stopped at the breathtaking KingscliffΒ ,Β which we’ve written about before,Β and got out to let my toes feel the sand between them and the ocean wash over them. And my happy place was complete! Again the dog met the ocean for the 1st time that day and wasn’t too sure about it, whereas the 10yrold was soaking wet within 10mins ” Don’t know how that happened mum ” ………


Welly boots, bonfires, beaches and blue water. A Perfect weekend!

feet photo

In fact these Hinterlands are perfect for any time of year as each season brings new adventures to experience, whether the cool of winter where you can cozy up like we did. Or the heat of summer where you’re so close to some of our breathtaking beaches and yet at the end of the day you can escape inland to the hills but maybe no wood burner πŸ™‚


The Joy Girls xxx


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