A bad hair day or is it something else??

Hello Beautiful Joy Friends,

The girls and I were chatting on the weekend about the days you can’t quite pull it together. You know the days when the world seems like a heavy weight on your shoulders and life just seems too much to bear. We all have them, some last longer than others.

So what to do….. I always believe in being grateful. When I get into a funk, I try to pull myself out of it by making a list in my mind of everything I have to be grateful for and start giving thanks for it, before I even open my eyes in the morning.  I think if you start to think about what you have in this life, it changes the space in your brain that is making you feel sad and blue.

The next thing I do is be kind to myself, so I drop the kids off in my pyjamas (don’t tell anyone!!)

(Jo here everyone just quietly I did the drop off three times last week in my pyjamas and can totally recommend it ????)

and I come home and make a nice cup of tea and sit in the sunshine (if I can find a good spot). I try to still my mind and just sit.

You know, life sometimes sneaks up on you and gives you a whack on the head. It is just ghastly when everyone expects you to have it all together (ha! ha!).  Be kind to yourself and realize that everyone has bad days. If you have moved here from a home you have known your whole life, you are more than likely to have a few days when it all just seems to much, and as we wrote about before, homesickness can just creep in. Now, we can help with our information blogs to make everything a little easier and if you have been to Joy you will know we have an abundance of hugs available. Also send us an email if you need some particular piece of information, we will put our heads together and do the best we can to answer any query.

However, there are times when it is more than just a few bad days and you need a little more help than that, you may need to visit your doctor ( click here if you are looking for a good one )and talk to them about how you are feeling.  They can put you in touch with professionals in the right fields to help you specifically, and there is nothing to be ashamed with asking for that extra help if you need it !

The whole reason we started Joy was to reach out and catch some of you when you needed a friend, so please remember to come to our Joy coffee mornings. It will lift you up and maybe carry you through to the next coffee morning.

Much love to you all.

The Joy Girls

Contacts that may help:

Beyond Blue

Youth Beyond Blue

Salvation Army

St Vincent De Paul Help Line



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